Current date must be included on a piece of paper that is included in your starting and ending photos.  (see photo above)

Four "Before/After" Photos required:

Full body shots of front, back and profile. plus a photo of your feet standing on a scale. 

1. All photos must be turned in on time with all instructions applied.

2. You must agree to use your before and after photo on FBif you win in a category! Don't be shy here. Your results are important and will motivate everyone! If you don't want the world to see you in a bikini, dress appropriately.

3. Order your Herbalife program BEFORE paying your entry fee. Suggested minimum order is shown below (or equivalent). Work with your coach. on this. The more products you take, the better your results will generally be and you'll FEEL amazing in the process!

60 Healthy Meal Shakes + Herbal Tea Concentrate + Herbal Aloe Drink + 1 Protein Snack

4. Register and pay $20 entry fee to your coach directly. All monies collected goes into the winners pot!

​Our closed Facebook group is called "Ready 4 Results". It is your responsibility to add yourself to our online Facebook group. (CLICK HERE) to join our closed group and be sent an invitation to our upcoming challenge. See "How It Works" page for more details.

6. Check the Facebook group page daily for updates and daily news.
Use our group Facebook page to post positive and inspirational news only! If you have a question or concern, contact your coach directly. We want to make this online challenge FUN, ENCOURAGING and HELPFUL for everyone so that regardless of who wins the pot, EVERYONE IS A WINNER! :)

Please contact your coach with questions or email: